Create that perfectly mixed-up style

by furnitureanddecor on November 24, 2014

Let your home tell your story not that of a catalog page. Here is an easy way to create that perfectly mixed-up style. Simply follow these 5 simple steps to mismatch your furniture. Not only will you have fun, but you will create a space that is uniquely you. From different night stands to various chairs around your dining room table the look is defined by you. Knowing how to make your blend of pieces look like good design is easier than you might think. Just take a look now is the time to mix things up. Click to read the full article here.


Create a masterpiece

by furnitureanddecor on September 30, 2014

Don’t be afraid to bring varying shades, patterns and styles together in your home. Learn the art of layering and you can create a masterpiece. Check out these easy tips to get started. Whether its colors, shapes or just things of the same materials; knowing how to put them together will give new life to your abode. So don’t hesitate the time to transform your living space is now. It has never been easier to create your dream home. Free yourself of fear and see how your favorite things can come together in eye-catching yet comfortable ways. Click to read the full article here.


The sanctuary that you desire

by furnitureanddecor on August 18, 2014

After a long day nothing sounds as inviting as a bubble bath. So why not make your home that relaxing? Not sure where to begin? Simply follow these easy how-to’s and choice additions and your space will become the sanctuary that you desire. From bringing in a little nature to embracing simplicity you can get started this weekend. We’ll guide you to the peace and quiet you have been yearning for and when your makeover project is complete you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. It’s time to stop the insanity and embrace the Zen. Click to read the full article here.


Make any room pop

by furnitureanddecor on June 20, 2014

Whether your style is modern and sleek or edgy and refined, you’ll fall in love with this collection. Full of contrasts like dark walnut veneers and crisp white drawers these pieces will make any room pop. Muddle the Mid-century modern, Mad Men appeal with the structure of classic lines and shapes and you have furniture that is hard to resist. So take a look at how you can transform your space with re-defined elegance of Palisade from Hooker. Your old spaces never looked newer and full of life. Say yes to the home you have been dreaming of today. Click to read the full article here.


Take a peek at these delicious options

by furnitureanddecor on February 6, 2014

Isn’t it time to indulge in the memorable moments that a round dining table brings?. They can be intimate and chic when you choose one of these unique designs. All created with a French flair you can easily add a bit of worldly sophistication to your dining area. Whether it is dinner for four or tea for two our choices of round dining tables will make your space complete and unique. So take a peek at these delicious options and invite intimacy into your dining room. It has never been easier to make a statement on your taste without saying a word. Click to read the full article here.


Find what catches your eye

by furnitureanddecor on December 20, 2013

So you’re planning on renovating a room in your home. But where do you begin? When it comes to finding inspiration we have some great places to discover. From print to digital to the world outside your door inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look. Find what catches your eye and your imagination and soon you will be redesigning every room in your home. Sometimes all you need is one great piece of furniture to get you started. Take a peek at a few of our favorite things and get ready to be truly inspired. Click to read the full article here.


Maintain the beauty of your home

by furnitureanddecor on December 2, 2013

It is still possible to purchase new furniture that can be held onto as heirlooms. New finishes and designs now make most of the hard work of maintaining these pieces just a memory. After all furniture should be enjoyed as much if not more than it is cared for. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you love your furniture for many years to come. And with the new types of finish you can maintain the beauty of your home while barely lifting a finger. It is the perfect combination of modern ease and classic beauty. Click to read the full article here.


Have a room anyone would love

by furnitureanddecor on October 29, 2013

What is the perfect combination of outdoor living and indoor comfort? Why, the sleeping porch of course. What was once a staple in pre- air conditioned homes is once again in vogue. Filled with lush greenery and cozy inviting furniture the lure of these spaces is hard to deny. Add a bed an accent table and perhaps even a couch and you have a room anyone would love to lounge in. Hooker furniture has several additions that will make your porch perfect. Check them out and more to see how some rooms truly never go out of style. Click to read the full article here.


Dining style has come full circle

by furnitureanddecor on October 3, 2013

Full of soft and shapely curve appeal there is no furniture as popular as small round tables. They are the perfect fit no matter the size of your space. Take a peek at these latest styles from Hooker Furniture and get ready to fall in love. Offered in various styles and finishes these beauties are intimate and casual at once. You are sure to find the right hub for your home. Choose any one and give your room instant romance while creating the perfect backdrop for your life. Dining style has come full circle. Click to read the full article here.


Make your house your dream home

by furnitureanddecor on September 18, 2013

Isn’t it time to bring your old house to life? If your answer is yes than we have some inspiration for you. With a designer’s eye and some new furniture you can transform any space from dull to dazzling. Take a look at the before and after shots of this living and dining room redo and consider yourself full of the confidence and desire to make your house your dream home. It is truly amazing to see what a few simple changes can do for a space. A chic and distinctive home makeover may just be in your future. Click to read the full article here.